Product Review: Shark Cordless All Surface Power Sweeper

Shark Cordless All Surface Power Sweeper

I have recently discovered that being a neat freak and having a newborn baby can result in a stressful situation. Between changing diapers, preparing bottles and trying to catch some much needed shut eye, I struggle to keep my home tidy; a task that nowadays seems virtually impossible. As every parent knows, it’s not easy to run a household. I barely have time to brush my teeth much less pull out a bulky vacuum cleaner to tackle my neglected floors. That’s why I recently purchased a Shark Cordless All Surface Power Sweeper.

The motorized Shark is an ideal alternative to a loud and heavy vacuum cleaner and is excellent for picking up crumbs, lint and more. The Shark Sweeper is sleek and light, weighing jus a few pounds. Its long neck swivels in all directions making cleaning under tables and other furniture a breeze. The Shark Cordless Sweeper is easy to maneuver and can be used on carpet, tile and hardwood floors. It picks up everything from dog hair to dust bunnies. And the Shark conveniently transforms into a hand held cleaner for vacuuming stairs and upholstery. It sure beats lugging my regular vacuum up and down my basement stairs and its quiet hum won’t wake up the little one.

I purchased my Shark at Target for just $29.99. It comes in several pieces and is a snap to assemble. In fact, I put mine together in less than ten minutes. Once the components are constructed, you must charge your Shark for a full twenty hours before using it. The Shark’s effectiveness will reach its peak after two or three charges and discharges.

Once the Shark is fully charged it’s not difficult to utilize or maintain. An on-off switch can be activated with your foot as can a handle release to steer the Shark with ease. And a dust container pulls out effortlessly and should be emptied after each use. It’s also a good idea to remove any excess hair or lint from the brush cover along the front of the Shark every so often.

The Shark Cordless All Surface Power Sweeper is the answer to my neat freak prayers especially when I need to quickly clean up for guests. In about ten minutes I can “sweep” the entire upper level of my home and the Shark is so compact that it fits neatly in a corner or a closet. On a recent trip to a local restaurant (Buffalo Wild Wings) I noticed the waitress using the Shark on the eatery’s carpet. So, apparently the Shark is great for commercial use as well!

I love my Shark and I have a feeling I am going to get even more use out of it once my infant enters the toddler stage.

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